Clothes Show LIVE @ Birmingham NEC.

I went to the Clothes Show last weekend and it was absolutely amazing! The theme of the main performance was Hollywood Movie Night, and when I went into the theatre I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I was more than pleased by the show. There was a great variety of costumes, impressive choreography, elaborate sub-themes... lots and lots of shirtless men (on and off the catwalk, ooer...)
I was thrilled by the fact that the show was presented by the legendary Gok Wan (who you can just about see in the 5th + 6th photos - he's wearing black jeans and a silver blazer). I was also impressed by the way the director had incorporated the shows sub-themes with current fashion trends such as; the Americana look, shearling & aviator jackets, underwear as outerwear, structured tailoring, the seasonal sequin craze and a wonderful array of luxe evening gowns...

After the show we went around the pop-up shops, which were a bit like giant market stalls. It was a total frenzy! Verrrry difficult to navigate through, as frantic people were rushing about in all directions, but I managed to acquire a few items, including; an LED belt (which I'm giving to my brother for Christmas), a gorgeous red box-bag, and an iridescent black tutu skirt - which turned out to be slightly see-through but at least I can use it to add volume beneath some of my more basic skirts / dresses.
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  1. Sounds so cool! Looks like a party on the runway :D xxxx

  2. oo-er at the topless men! hehe ;) sounds like you had such a lovely time! i adore the buttoned up sheer shirt with the tartan skirt in the second picture. xx

  3. Thank for all your lovely comments,
    &Wow those leggings are so cool!

  4. Loving the whole 'born in the USA' vibes going on there.

  5. how cool! that looks like such a fun show <3 that tutu skirt sounds PERFECT!


  6. Looks so amazing! I wish I'd remembered to book a ticket!

  7. Great Pics!
    Love love love fashion!

    Greets from Munich
    Love Lola :)

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  9. Ahhh I missed the Clothes Show when it was in London, looks awesome! xx

  10. Beautiful :)))))))



  11. nice photos and how you got there? :) i love clothes show :)
    maybe add to following?

  12. I'm glad you had a good time!
    And yes yes, I have seen An Education: such an amazing film :)

    Rosie x

  13. That does look amazing! I wish in Prague they'd have more events like this one going on, we really do lack those.

    Thank You for the lovely comment too!

    Sofia Leo x

  14. Ah your photos are amazing, It was such a great day! x


  15. Ohh I wish I went. I dressed the boy with the curly hair - Max at clothes show London last year. you wouldnt think it but all the models were such a laugh.

    Helen, x

  16. Owwh so THIS is what a Clothes Show looks like! Almost like Victorias Secret vibe in terms of amount of bling and themes, loves it.