Maybe we forgot, are we awake or not?

Some of my photos from the Designer Catwalk show hosted by OK magazine. The theme of the show was 'red carpet glamour' - oh just the thought of it makes me go weak at the knees... The ballgowns were really beautiful; with trailing scarlet satin wrapped elegantly across the models waif-like frames, the gentle array of flouncing white ruffles wafting like feathers in the breeze, and the sight of the delicate embellishments twinkling beneath the burning spotlights were simply enchanting.
There were a few models wandering down the catwalk in spongebob squarepants dressing gowns, which I didn't quite understand... fluro pink and yellow flannel doesn't exactly translate 'high glamour' in my opinion, but maybe they were trying to convey a sense of playful irony, or perhaps create a whimsical edge against the extravagance of the gowns... either way it was a wonderful show and I'm pretty happy with the photos I managed to take.

... I love the atmosphere at a fashion show. There's something about the anticipation, like an electric buzz pulsating through the air, as the flood lights ignite and the models emerge. That first dress is so crucial. Some say it's the final dress, the one that defines the collection, that's the one that matters most. But for me it's all about the first. It's the one that sets the tone of the entire show. The one that summons the bar of excellence for which all the following pieces must measure up to. The one that silences the crowd and leaves them in a state of awe-inspired captivation, awaiting the wonders of all that follows. It has the power to make or break a show, and that's what fascinates me so. It feels like the still point of the turning world; that moment when the first model steps out, she doesn't lead the revolution, she embodies it. And in that instant the designers vision is brought to life.
Watching the future (of fashion) surface, it's like magic, better even (oh but don't tell tinkerbell I said that ;)

Today's Anthem: "Wish I Stayed" by Ellie Goulding.

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  1. Love some of the first dresses;)

  2. what a great show <3 I love your description of the anticipation and the first look, gives me chills just imagining it!


  3. Those first dresses are really, really beautiful! Your photos really do it justice xx

  4. oh I love this post of yours!
    amazing photos :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  5. Great pictures! And you're so right about the first look - it can determine what you're going to think of the whole collection. Most of the time though, it takes me a while to love a collection.

    Rosie x

  6. Lovely photos and observations, I love the atmosphere just minutes before a show starts, it's just electric!

  7. Looks like it was an amazing show! x

  8. i can't believe you took these! the photos look so professional. that looks like the most wonderful time

  9. I'm so jealous, these are lovely pictures and lovely dresses. Happy holidays! <3

  10. wow, there are some beautiful dresses in there
    merry christmas :D x


  11. gorgeous dresses! Merry Christmas!xx


  12. wow the show looks great!!
    Merry Christmas:)

    xx Marina

  13. oh wow! those shots are amazing! really gorgeous dresses!
    hope you had an amazing christmas eve!

  14. wooow you captured all of the beauty of a fashion show so nicely! great job!

  15. Those dresses are so lovely.
    I was brwosing through your blog and I love it. I'm following you now (:
    And happy holidays of course!

  16. Oh these photos are gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas! xx

  17. what a beautiful show. i wish i could attend one!

    happy holidays!

  18. Firstly, love that Ellie Goulding song!
    I agree, the atmosphere at a fashion show is amazing. All the dresses look so pretty.

  19. Hey :) Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm unsure where the necklace is from, it was a birthday present from one of my friends, but i shall find out and get back to you :)
    Love the blog btw!

    Stacey xx

  20. I absolutely love your blog. Everything is so magical, mysthic and perfect. You're such a nymph dear.