What we have here is a dreamer, someone totally out of touch with reality.

A post full of pictures that I've kind of fallen in love with. They flow from girly, to sombre to slightly darker, I would have stuck to a certain theme or tone but I couldn't help myself... I think those compass tattoos are pretty awesome, I've never really wanted a tattoo before, but I like this one a lot.

Tomorrow I'm off down to the woods to finish filming scenes for the music video I'm creating for my college media project. It will most likely be freezing cold but fingers crossed it all goes well. The storyline is a bit crazy; my dear friend Rosanna (our starring actress) is meant to wander through the woods, get headbutted by a strange guy, the concussion causes her to fall in love with him, then they look into a mirror (you know, one of those inconspicuous mirrors you happen to find lying discarded against a random log... as you do) and they stare into the alternate reality where they are in fact guinea pigs... because that's ever so likely to happen. I bet I've more than confused you now, but trust me I'm confused too, all I'm getting paid for is turning up... hang on a sec, what? I'm not getting paid?! Pffft, amateurs.... oh yeah I'm running this thing, oops, my mistake.

>> I do not own these images, I've tried to link them back to their source via weheartit.com

(p.s. the song at the top is called "Misguided Ghosts" by Paramore, just in case you were wondering...)
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