Hollywood infected my brain

The shorts I mentioned (ranted about) in the last post are finally in my possession! I'd honestly lost hope and then whadd'ya know - BAM! I went to a different topshop and reluctantly asked if they had any left in stock, expecting to be disappointed once again, but oh no! There they were, in all their fantastically peculiar glory...

Btw. are we all liking the larger image sizes?? I finally mastered the HTML thingy and well, ta-dah!

I bought September's (UK) issue of ELLE magazine. A strange fact about me is that I read fashion mags from the back cover to the front. I don't quite know why, I think it's just easier to flick through, and I always get a little excited when I look back later and find a page I overlooked, tehe. I'm sure you all wanted to know that...

I also bought some black lace and purple velvet-like material from a market stall because I am going to (attempt to) make a skirt! This may turn out to be an epic failure as, just like many others, I start with the mantra "how hard can it be?" ... well with my vast inexperience on the sewing machine, clumsy nature and haphazardly disposition, lets just say a lot could go wrong...

Ooh I can't forget to say a super big hello to my darling new followers! You guys are all so amazing for letting me ramble on like this - hope every body's having a lovely summer (or winter if you're living in Australia!)

TTFN lovlies!
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  1. i love love these pair! they look amazing! :)

  2. Love the pictures you did with them, really awesome. And I am of course liking the bigger images!
    Thank you for your contribution to the trashy TV convo - Ah, Josie and John James!
    UO x

  3. Love those shorts! So cute :)

    Oh, and I do the backward magazine thing aswell hehe.

    Beth xx


  4. love the photos!
    hurrah for attempting to make things, i'm also planning to make a maxi because the topshop ones are so expensive!

  5. this is a pretty awesome blog. those shorts are so spunky and amazing!

  6. love your shorts SO MUCH!!! thx for visit my blog

  7. Great shorts and I love the jumping photos!

  8. cool pics, nice blog!


  9. Your shorts are hilarious and awesome all at once. LOVE THEM.

  10. Oh. My. Gah.

    You and those shorts is pure and utter AWESOMENESS!!! I love them!! They look so much more cooler on you than in the photo. :)

  11. awesome shorts, you're so lucky the store still have a pair for you! :D

    hahaha you're so cute reading magazines from the back to the front and later feeling excited finding out there are pages you overlook :)

  12. Cool shorts!


  13. I've been seeing these shorts everywhere. So glad you snagged a pair, they're so cool!
    Cute blog x

  14. Yes, I'm a figure skater. I did it on a competitive sport niveau and used to exercise five times a week... But this year I may put a stop on it and do other things. 'Cause it's a hard sport and lately I got interested in fashion and that stuff. :-)
    So it's nearly impossible to do both.
    Can you do jumps and pirouettes?

  15. really nice! cool

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)

  16. ah congrats on finding the shorts. they are glorious!


  17. Those are so cool, I'm glad you finally got a pair--now I want one!! :D

  18. wooo for finally finding the shorts! love it when that hapopens :) and i've been loving those amaze stars nd stripes shorts for a while now, they look killer on you x

  19. i really love those shorts! they are awesome :)

  20. i love those americans shorts!

    ps. i thought there were two lindsay lohans too!lol


  21. love the shorts! come follow me xoxo

  22. love them!!!! thanks for the sneaky reminder than i'm escaping the wrath of oz winter this year :) love your blog by the way! +1 follower :)


  23. ohhh, those shorts are awesome. and I really really love the first photo! hahahaha, I finally mastered the HTML thing as well :D it's so much better now ;p

  24. Thank you so much for your comment :) It made me find your blog - which I love!
    Have a great day - Love Mia

    (btw - I read magazines the same way you do, from back to front! haha!)