My new boots

In my ever-so eager anticipation for autumn, I jumped in on the shearling trend and got these lovely fold-over faux sheepskin ankle boots. They're a size too big but it doesn't bother me in the slightest because they're soo comfy! Problem is I can't wear them outdoors just yet because they need water-proofing :( but for now they'll do for romping about the house.

I truely adore them, so much so I'm thinking of naming them (yep, I name my stuff once it's deemed special enough)... I'm thinking Suzie and Shaun, tehe. Pretty snazzy right?? Oooh snazzy, that's a fun word... snazzy, snazzieee, snazz-eyyyy...
Excuse the randomness but I'm all hyped up on cheesecake and macaroons, mmmm, macaroons.... ok, I'm snazzing out of it!
Eeep, I mean snapping!
...Okay, moving swiftly on - this is my first attempt at making a polyvore! I'm maybe a teensy bit addicted to polyvore now, I'll have to post some others at a later date, but I'm quite happy with this;

I also found this image of Zara's autumn lookbook earlier and wanted to share it with you guys

I wasn't too fond of it at first but they're really growing on me - the chunky knits and knee socks are especially adorable.
I absolutely can't wait for autumn now, and unleashing my autumn wardrobe onto the blogosphere, tehe.

x x x

(p.s. you have no idea how hard (and painful) it was taking that photo of my boots whilst they were on my actual feet... Note to self: don't try bending like that again, ever.)


  1. cute boots! i love the zara lookbook. that second look is very marni resort to me.. looove it.


  2. I'm in love with your boots! They are indeed snazzy! Haha(:

  3. Ooh I love your shoes! And the polyvore outfit you made! AND the Zara lookbook pics!
    (I did the same thing when taking pics of my boots, haha)

  4. ooh i love those boots. i wish i could wear such tall shoes!!

  5. Over the knee socks and ponchos are so gonna be a fall staple for me. I can't wait.

    I love your polyvore thing, especially the quote.

  6. Ahh i love the zara autumn lookbook! LOVE the second and third one :d

  7. Love the boots!


  8. the boots are super sweet! and loving the zara lookbook


  9. I looove Zara's autumn lookbook, and your boots are so cute!

    I'm hosting a giveaway (House of Harlow 1960 ring) on my blog, and would love it for you to enter :)

  10. i love a wedged boot, great buy!


  11. hey, those boots are amazing!
    pretty please ring me! ive been trying u but not getting through, hope ur ok.
    thankksss x

  12. im loving these pieces by zara!! so ready for autumn clothes! :) x

  13. i love your boots
    theyre so pretty!
    also im loving zaras lookbook
    and cool blog


  14. those boots are so cute and cozy! and zara's lookbook is making me wish autumn would come faster.

  15. ahhh those boots are perfection - sorta like wedgers crossed with uggs, yes please!

  16. omg i love the new zara lookbook. and those boots u got are cute!
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    hope that helped!