Into the wild.

I felt really inspired by one of the new collections - 'Into The Wild' @ topshop.com
It's a combination of girly meets grunge; an aging fairytale of cobweb cardigans draped effortlessly across the frame, crystal-embellishment floating like midnight stars upon a stream of silky chiffon, layered beneath chunky knits and dark, damaged leather.
And of course, as much of a/w 2010 focuses on the woman, rather than simply the clothes, the 'look' they've embodied for this collection translates to me as... a dreamer, a wanderer, an ingenue with attitude - she has long matted hair that floats triumphantly upon the autumn breeze, she has dark crimson lips and an illuminating glow that flickers behind the eyes.

The key pieces I've picked up on are; tuff jackets teamed with floaty dresses, longer hem-lines, subtle iridescent fabrics, lace and sheer inserts, faux-fur, faded / damaged denim, lace-up ankle boots, kitten heels, chunky knits, woolly hats and animal-inspired prints.

Hope you guys liked this post, it's a little different from the usual but I haven't taken any good outfit posts lately and I didn't want you guys to think I'd disappeared off the face of the blogosphere again, tehe.

TTFN darlings!

(p.s. for any of you sleepless dreamers out there, well, there's a meteor shower happening at midnight. I'm staying up for it, don't even know what I'm expecting to see, probably nothing if all the clouds are in the way, but here's hoping for something magical...)

x x x


  1. They're gorgeous! I especially love the last. And I will most positively be watching the meteor shower.

  2. Topshop collections are always SO stunning!What a pity it costs such a fortune (hello Topshop, goodbye money! :P)
    Anyway thanks for your comment, I hope you'll be back soon!

    xx Simonne


  3. why is topshop so awesome??


  4. I love Topshop! The footwear in these photos is amazing xx


  5. such an amazing lookbook! i find it odd that they've photographed it in such a "manmade" location (i personally would've chosen somewhere more natural), but i'm still lusting after so many of the pieces...


  6. i love all the photographs from this seasons topshop line, so beautiful. And these photographs are perfect, love theme and the blonde model has such an individual look!

  7. These are stunning and so, so inspiring. I am in love with this collection!

  8. the new topshop collection looks great. Can`t wait to go back to UK for some shopping!xx


  9. i wish they had a topshop near me! wah wah


  10. I LOOOVE this collection! I looked at it like a week ago and now I can't take my eyes of it. HUGS

  11. i love that first pic x

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