Insainity is a sane response to an insane world

Source: topshop.com

I'm hopelessly charmed by quirky, unusual pieces like these. I adore the galaxy vest - but the price... not so adorable. It's such an epic design it's hard not to be hypnotised! I think my universe now in fact revolves around getting this vest, tehe.
Ohhh how it pains me to say this, but the shorts... have SOLD OUT! *gasp*
The second I saw them I thought of the Marina & the Diamonds gig I'm going to in a few months - they had the whole "Hollywood infected your brain" vibe - which was spot on because the other day I saw a photo of Marina herself wearing these shorts! I'm not in any way starstruck, but honestly, it's like we share a brain ;)

I've also wanted a Polaroid camera since like forever (ok, since Christmas), but last night I discovered this amazing application called the 'Poladroid Project' which can turn photos on your computer into the format of a polaroid. Here's a few of my faves that I Poladroid-ed...

There's something I love about polaroids... maybe it's their instancy - because a photo really is capturing a moment, and even when the image in your mind starts to fade, you still have the photos to remind you. And there's so much more to it than just an image, there's always a story behind it, because a photo can document emotions as well as memories; what it means to be alive, real and infinite.
Even forced and staged photography can say a lot about a person - it's a statement to the world that they exist, indivisible proof that long after they're gone they can stay alive.
Looking through the lens, there's so much potential when building an image. It's the same world, that we live in, but we all see it differently, we can create the best out of the worst and use a photograph as evidence of what real beauty means. Because life is, and forever should be; beautiful, chaotic, spontaneous and impossibly strange! ...Yeah, if you haven't guessed by now, I love photography... and not to be too forward, but I think photography kinda loves me too ;) tehehe.

TTFN you beautiful people!

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(p.s. if any of you read this entire post I shall love you forever because it's ridiculously long, and you're a total hero for getting through it! ;)


  1. Thank you! Yea, we had an really great adventure :D!!

    Take a peek! Our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden

  2. love your polaroids! my sister has one too.
    also love the first top <3

  3. Thanks for your comment!
    Wich camera is that in the last picture?
    Love the polaroids btw


  4. Omg. Those shorts are freaking fantastic!!

    And cute poladroids!! They came out really pretty. I discovered that site a while ago and have been addicted ever since!! :P

  5. I agree with you when it comes to polaroids, it's the spontaneity that I love (: Is the vest from topshop as well? it's cool, but i'm guessing it's not worth the price tag... so annoying when you fall in love with stupidly overpriced things!
    (ps, i don't know why i dislike posting my poetry, i feel that it's a bit... pretentious, maybe? i think i'll only post the stuff that isn't personal from now on)


  6. beautiful post! inspiring and fantastic pics!


  7. your blog is really nice! (:

    check out mine and follow if u like, ill follow back! ;)


  8. love polairoids too, they are so real and really capture a moment+ the feeling of the moment

  9. that shirt in the first pic is so cool!!


  10. I love those clothes. I want those shorts! How amazing are they????

    Cute polaroids

  11. i've seen those shorts a few times and secretly wanted them - how sad to hear that they're all sold out! boo!!! loving your blog, i'm looking forward to new posts!

    thank you for your comment xoxo visit me again soon and follow !!


  12. i love the print of the first top and i`ve been wanting a polaroid also for so longgg..sigh.Maybe someday :).xx


  13. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment<3

    xo Lynzy

  14. Great post!
    Really love your images also, so much inspiration.
    Will be back for more, your posts are so cool i even
    went back to look at your older ones.

    Hope you can check out mine, i think you'd like it :)


  15. Hehe, it was just fancy editing :p
    I wouldn't have a clue how to do it an other way!

    Oh my, Neverland + Peter Pan! I used to be totally obsessed by Peter. He was my first crush to be honest (the mind of a 5 year old doesn't seem to get that he's not a real person!). Man, and I also wished I could be Tinkerbell, cause she was always with Peter and she could fly :)


    PS: I actually own a polaroid camera, but I don't find photopaper for it!

  16. Thank you! I LOVE your photos! HUGS

  17. Thanks for your sweet post over at my blog www.vintage-and-vampires.blogspot.com!

    I love your photography and style x

    Following now, it'd be fab if you would follow me too :)

  18. Thank you!
    I love your style too!

    ♥ Maja

  19. The polariods look fabulous and, yes, you are right; Photography sure does love you Spence!
    UO x

  20. want your camera so hard♥

  21. aww thankyou, liking your blog also babe! oh wow that topshop tank is literally perfect, pretty sure i'm in love with it <3 hahhh but yes i'd hate to think what the porice would be by thetime i convert to Aus dollars and add postge. boooo. and i've been wanting a polaroid camera for a while now tooo, but will hve try out that program for now - your 'fake' polaroids look great x

  22. Ohhhh so much to love about this post. That vest is fantastic, and there's just so much to love about polaroids.

  23. I love your polaroids and everything you said is so true. And I want those shorts so badly!

  24. I really love all these photos - and I love the galaxy vest too. I wish all beautiful things in life could be free! x


  25. That's a great vest. I'm fascinated by outerspace prints. I think Acne makes something similar, but I bet they're more costly than the Topshop ones.

    Love Polaroids. The film and cost of print is the only problem. I will definitely check out the Polaroid Project.

    By the way, I would love to own trousers like in the sisterhood movie too. If you come across any, do let me know ;)

    Have a fab weekend!

  26. i love those american flag shorts, so cute!


  27. those polaroids look great! i really want one, my sister has one but she would never let me touch it, haha. i erally love your blog :)