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The trees are burning with anticipation; whisping flames of orange and red ignite along the branches, then slowly fade to brown and flutter down onto the ground... Oh how I love autumn! It's such a fleeting season. The weather's in a constant state of flux, so knowing what to wear everyday is a bit of a challenge, (but I find it ever so slightly exciting ;) It seems to be the season which celebrates the fickle transition between summer and winter. Bright but deceivingly cold one minute, warm but insistently breezy the next. "Make up your mind Mr Sunshine!"

Today I am wearing; my lovely pink American Apparel hoody, Topshop lace tee, Primark tulle skirt, and my Accessorize 'eclectic fairytale' necklace (worn as headband).
I know I'm not the prettiest pea in the pod so I do apologise for swamping you with pictures of myself. I'll admit I'm vain, indecisive and a total perfectionist so I couldn't quite narrow down which image I liked best... which do you prefer?

I love this hoody - it's over sized fit keeps me nice and warm in the chilly weather. I really want to get another one in forest green (perfect autumnal tone) but a lot of people have it so I'm not sure. The reason I went for bright pink (instead of the classic grey or navy) was because everyone seemed to have gone for the muted tones, and with my overwhelming need to be different I decided to go for the brightest colour they had (... they'd run out of 'sunshine yellow' the day I went, which in retrospect I am pretty thankful for... I actually don't think I own a single piece of yellow clothing, oh but pink on the other hand...) tehe.

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  1. I AGREE. The start of autumn in the BEST season transition of them all! But right now it's reaching that rainy, blechy stage so boohoo. Winter's on the way!

    You look incredible - I feel like you should be dancing like crazy in that amazing skirt of yours!


  2. Oh wow, yet another wonderful outfit (love the shirt by the way)! You have a skill in putting together great outfits.
    Autumn's my second favorite season. But in Australia it's pretty much the same as winter - cold.

  3. Hello! :) Love that outfit, that bright pink hoody really suits you. Autumn is always the season I realise I need more clothes for this unpredictable weather!

    Beth xx


  4. OMG that hoody is so cool. the color is just rocking on you.

  5. Love your styling!!! That headpiece is FABBB!!! Great colors..like sherbert icecream colors... and that tutu is sooooooooo CUTE! ALL DELICIOUS!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  6. love that skirt!¬

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  7. Great outfit - so fun! And Primark done gooooood. That skirt is lush x

  8. I love Autumn aussi :)

    And those jewels! Ah! Want those.
    And over-sized clothing is the comfiest thing in the world.

    Andddddd lovely lips :)

    Oh andddd thanks for stopping by :) I've posted a new post if you're interested

  9. love the lace tee and the necklace! gorgeous!

    feel free to check my blog out (:

  10. u are gorgeous!! love the skirt and the hood

  11. LOL. I admit I have too much pinks too. Yellow probably doesnt compliment Caucasian skin too well? Blues and greens on the other hand look great on you!
    P.S. Hope you like my newest outfit post and follow my blog too :)

  12. You don't own anything yellow?? That's one of my favourite colours and I don't get why people don't like it that much haha. But then again, I kinda dislike orange :P
    really nice lace top btw!

  13. Love the necklace/headband, it looks great with your outfit!
    And I can totally relate to the "overwhelming need to be different" haha. Whilst grey does go with everything, it's so much more fun wearing bright colours. And besides, you've proved they can be just as versatile! Xx

  14. Girl, you are the most stylish person I have seen during the last period! I love the third photo! I like the colour of the hoodie too but I have to admit that I wouldn't dare to combine all these clothes!

  15. You write beautifully. I love how you speak of Autumn.
    I love your outfit. Your skirt is beautiful. You are beautiful.
    Thank you for the wonderful comment.


  16. this is beautiful! i love the hair chain and how you paired it with a hoodie, perfect balance!

  17. thankks. do you want to follow me? :D

  18. Love your hoody! i love a purple quilted version from H&M that i have, couldnt live with out it! :) x

  19. what a great tutu dress :))
    i love the way you combine it with the other
    items. you look so fabulous here :))

    tks for leave comment dear, i really appreciate it. hope you can follow my blog


    in Love&Light

  20. LOVE the outfit ! sooo pretty! And I love the necklace as a headband :D

  21. Hi Spence:) are you a model in real life? You are gorgeous!! My favorite photo is the 2nd last:) love your smile!!and the outfit is lovely, love the pink hoodie:)

  22. What do you mean? I think you're adorable! Love the photos and the outfit, especially the lace top! Also, hot pink is always a good way to go, in my opinion.

  23. oh that lace tee with the tulle is such a pretty combo!
    I work in a girly fashion chain so that totally rocks my socks :)
    you're really pretty, btw xx

  24. Love the colour of your hoodie! I'm your 100th follower wooooooooooo :) xx

  25. you look adorable!!! thank you for your darling comment deary :) your blog is wonderful, following you now :) xxx

  26. wow love these, especially the 4th one down, u look like a ballerina :)sososo pretty. and again those doorknobs are looking shiny ;)
    happy polishing! ahaha

  27. There is nothing quite like a comfortable hoodie. No matter how many times you wear it, it always finds its way into my wardrobe.

    Elisabeth Adele