I've been spending a lot of time on polyvore lately (I swear it's addictive!) and I created some outfit combos on (what turned out to be) an autumnal / slightly militarian theme...

I actually started having palpitations whilst creating the last one; Marni Blazer + Burberry dress + McQueen clutch = major label swooning... and I couldn't resist including a classic Chanel bag, you know, for good measure. Not that I could possibly afford any one of these items, but hey we can all dream...

On another note, 'Dirty Little Liars' starts tomorrow night (8pm) on Viva!
I'm pretty excited about it 'cuz it's been described as "Gossip Girl meets The Clique meets Desperate Housewives". I already know the plot of the book series that the show is based on, so I'm keen to see if it does them justice. Here's a taster of what to expect...

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  1. militarian themes are the best.:D

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  3. Love the outfits - gorgeous colour schemes! Xx

  4. thanks for your comment :)

    really love the autumnal colour scheme. i have a polyvore account and it is great fun but i'm so useless at it, the quality never comes out right for me to collage so i never use it anymore. yours look great though!

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  5. Love all your polyvores, esp the last one! And the mustard shoes in the first.
    Oh, I cannot wait for that either; will definitely be watching tonight!
    UO x

  6. The first polyvore collage is fantastic! xxx

  7. Ahhhh! You made me wanna go shopping (with a lower budget unfortunately)... But I will go! I got some extra money and I will invest it in flat shoes and a dress! <3

  8. Love love love the shoes in the first set and the dress in the last set!!!

    I'll be following you now. Keep up the good work girl :)

  9. oh, if only i could afford everything! this is why i stay away from polyvore, i know it'll leave me lusting after too many things....


  10. polyvore is so fun! i like these looks you've composed! :)

  11. These are fabulous! That last one especially...the Burberry dress? It's the stuff of dreams.

    Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Em xo


  12. I like all the textures you used in your virtual outfits! So cute!

    'Pretty Little Liars' was my guilty pleasure of the summer... worst acting ever! But it was fun. :-)

  13. that military jacket is just too cool.

  14. love polyvore as well - the best source of inspiration. you have created fabulous sets.

  15. These are so great! Love the first combo especially. Also, can't wait for PLL to come back on, so addictive! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog, come back any time :) Yours is lovely!

    <3 Alison

  16. Some beautiful pieces here, especially that layered dress, really lovely. Military is the way forward, but I like to soften it with a floaty dress so it's not too harsh, jazzy ♥

  17. I Love Polyvore, but it won't work on my laptop anymore! Grrr. :(
    Great sets though, and I love pretty little liars! Ook, and thanks so much for the comment! We're finally at 500 (and counting) followers, a new post and a giveaway next post :) Panda xo

  18. ahhhh i can understand why you were having palpitations! that last mood board is amazing!! genius really, i could so see Carrie from SATC wear that!

    just watched the preview for Pretty Little Liars, looks great! and from the producers of Gossip Girl, highly doubt it would be anything less. thanks for sharing!

    come drop by for a visit or follow too?!


    x Your Only Blackswan

  19. P.S Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. You've nabbed yourself a new follower :)

    P.P.S I'm already on episode 5 of Pretty Little Liars online it's sooo addictive. And Mr Fitz is Fit ha x

  20. I adore these polyvore sets! xx