A glass slipper to break a glass heart

What intrigued me about this advert, other than the twisted fairytale theme (which I totally adore), is the ornate beauty of the ball. The decadent dresses, the pure couture styling, the classically refined setting... it's like a dream!
Those with a keen eye may have noticed the little wooden chairs weaved into their ugly sisters hair, seriously, is there anything more adorable?! Anyone who makes putting toy chairs in their hair stylish is all good in my books ;)

The styling of hair and makeup absolutely took my breath away - it helped to distinguish a contemporary edge from the classic fairytale ball scene, which in all respects appeals in a marketing sense and in that of fashion. The things we experience as children are bound to have an impact on our taste and style further on in life. Speaking as a girl who grew up aspiring to be a Disney princess, it's no surprise that fairytale balls intrigue me, along with many other young females who the product would be targeted at.
Personally, I've interpreted the advert as a springboard for inspiration - which just proves that classic designs can be remastered to create an awe-inspiring new generation of quirky refinement.

20 minutes later... Okay, I think I'm obsessed - I've watched this video at least six times now and each time I noticed different extras and their exquisite outfits. Oh, it kind of makes me wish the computer screen would just absorb me into their wonderful little world....

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  1. Ok, this advert is officially amazing! I am obsessed with my ghds, and just became a little more so!

  2. thanks for your lovely comments!

  3. wow cool advert :)



  4. i saw this advert for the first time today, it's lovely! i know, we haven't spoken in ages, i do apologize! how are things with you, how's college going? xx

  5. Thank you!
    Love your blog. :)

  6. right at the very beginning, i think they're mocking lady gaga :P

    but i love all the hair dos, and the chairs are adorable.


  7. What a beautiful way to do an advertisement for GHD. I love ads with a story. I agree, as a girl having grown up on Disney, i am obsessed with this ad now. Thankyou for sharing.

  8. I actually didn't know about that show until you mentioned I just put the picture because I thought it looked silly and I was still eating mentos ahaha.

    Very nice advert indeed.


  9. It's stunning, you're right!
    and thank you very much for the comment! ♥

  10. great video.xx


  11. The whole time I was thinking "Who ARE the stylists?" All the wardrobe, hair, and make-up in this advert are beyond stunning!

  12. thanks for sharing, lovely video!