Tapestry Bag.

Hello lovelies!
So I'm finally 18 and I'm totally overwhelmed with excitement for my next post! I won't tell you why just yet, but I think I'm in love...

In the mean time, I wanted to show you my darling tapestry bag which I bought from a vintage market stall the over summer. All my friends have seen me with it by now and I'll soon become notorious for parading it around absolutely everywhere...

I think the stall owner who sold it to me was Polish (he had such a cool accent!) and seemed really excited when I picked up the bag - he even made a serious effort to pitch it to me, little did he know my heart was already sold... for the bargain price of £4! Which undoubtedly kicks the high street versions in the bum-chika-wa-haa!
I'm a little VERY hyper-active right now 'cuz I've recently scoffed an entire Millie's birthday cookie... ooh I'm so bad, but that cookie was soo worth it ;)

TTFN! x x x


  1. Wow it is really gorgeous. What a steal!! :)

  2. Wow, that's such a great price for that bag. I was expecting it to be much, much more. It's gorgeous too! I've recently been getting into things like that.

    Great blog, I'll be back soon!

  3. happy birthday!! (most likely belated im sure!) - and that vintage tapestry bag is super sweet, i love it xx


  4. that tapestry bag is absolutely gorgeous and such a bargain! i hope you had a lovely birthday!!


  5. Awhh, hope you had the best birthday! That bag is wonderful, i'd be rather chuffed with one like that meself! What a bargain too.
    Loving the blog here, i'm your newest follower!

  6. love the bag it's beautiful! happy belated birthday too <3

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  7. Happy belated birthday! And that bag is really cute!


  8. i love it!

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  9. awwwww i love ur bag, im jelous. btw ur doorknobs are very shiny, i bet u polish them :)haha xxxx

  10. This bag is beautiful, you're very lucky, and for only £4?! :)
    In those photos you were talking about, they were either massively out of focus or I used a long exposure and changed the focus when my camera was taking the photo. :)