It took me too long to think of a title so this one's gona have to do

What I'm Wearing; Shirt - Thrifted (£2.85), Vintage Levi Shorts - COW, Blazer - Debenhams sale (£15), Bowler hat - H&M, Brogues - Peacocks, Black ribbon - lying around the house, Badge - from a random jewellery shop (free!)

If you're wondering why the badge was free it wasn't because I used a cheeky five-fingered-discount, but because I bought a load of broken jewellery (for my college art project) and the woman behind the til was so grateful she let me have a set of faux military badges for free. Ah-woo-hoo!
Sorry for my moody expression in the last shot... and my daft posing in general, tehe. When the self timer starts flashing my brain fizzles out from normality, the realms of creativity seem to implode, leaving nothing but a kooky impulse pose and a dazed pout. So ermm, tah-dah!

I'm off to a pre-halloween sleepover soon - have a spook-tastic weekend everyone! ;)
x x x


  1. spence, i adore this outfit on you. i think this is my favourite outfit of yours, you look great! the bowler hat, shirt and blazer suit you perfectly :) i love what you did with the ribbon, i've been thinking about doing that for a while but i have no pretty shirts to do it with! have fun at the sleepover! xxx

  2. waaaah i adore this on you. especially the little details you put on it, such as the badges and such.

  3. i love the whole outfit!
    just stunning :D


  4. Loving the details of this outfit. It's ok - I experience the same thing re: the self timer!

  5. Awesome outfit, Spence!

    Hope you had fun at the pre-halloween sleepover :) I have one tonight.

  6. Oh God! The shoes are what I like most in this post! Absolutely fantastic... You gave me some ideas about what to buy in my next shopping spree, on Friday! Kisses! xxx Oh, and thank you again and again for your comments! <3

  7. the outfit looks so cute on you, love the brogues and hat especially!

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  8. I love your outfit.
    I wish the thrift store in my town was cool.
    I love the badges.


  9. Amazing!
    I love Blazers with Pins! :)

  10. I've been looking for a hat like your's for ages!
    Wouldn't mind raiding your wardrobe :P

  11. great look! loving the blazer, and nice blog:))
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  12. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  13. You have incredible style!!!! This is completely and utterly something that I would wear. I love it.
    That necktie is the perfect touch.

  14. I so love what you're wearing:)

  15. love your shoes and the overall school girl look!

  16. I love this outfit - so great! I have the same bowler and can't get enough of it. Also, so happy to see someone else who shops in COW - I love it! And how amazing getting those vintage badges! I'm now following, would love if you'd check out my blog too and consider following back :)

  17. Such a well put outfit..every details are amazing....love love it..

  18. Hi Spence:) I LOVE your outfit frm head to toe. Your hair, your pose and those cute lovely shoes are perfect!!!:)

  19. I love, love, love your outfit. :)

  20. Thank-you for the lovely comment on my page, I looove these pictures you are so so so pretty :)