I'm now becoming like a self fulfilled prophecy

"TV taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal..." Oh how I love Marnia & the Diamonds ;)
Today's Anthem: 'LES Artistes' by Santogold.

I was supposed to start my art cwk 2weeks ago, but instead I started it last night... I hope my teacher's don't read this, but at least I'm being honest. I finally have some sort of direction for my new project, it's gona be like dreams / fairy tales (original right?) but with a slightly darker twist, so I'll be using stuff like dead flowers, burnt letters and story pages, light & shadow, cut-out silhouettes and the characters trying to escape their tales.
So far this is all I've done but I'm pretty happy with it...

The shoes in the picture above are my most recent purchase. They're from TOPSHOP and I've been lusting after them for the past two months. So I went to Topshop on Thursday in the hope of finally buying them, only to find out that they'd SOLD OUT! I was flabbergasted! Seriously, that was the only way to describe it! So I ask the shop assistant if they'll have any more coming in and she said it was really unlikely, but she offered to call the other store and see if they had any left. I stood there with baited-breath as she dialed the number... they had one pair left... ONE PAIR.... and they were my size!!! It was like fate was calling to me! So I dashed down to the other store and retrieved my darlings. So here they are, in all their glory....

Oooh I'm so happy! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
x x x


  1. those photos and shoes are gorgeous!
    i love your choice of chicken ramen! that used to be my favourite, but then i discovered the chicken katsu curry and now the ginger chicken udon! i think i may need to rediscover the chicken ramen too :) mmm, the bamboo is lovely! haha as you can see, i'm a big foodie.
    and yes, wicked the musical! we managaed to get cheap tickets for good seats and i'm so excited!

  2. is that my lace i spy? hehe! i'm glad you are making good use of it :)

    your idea sounds lovely, seriously. it slightly reminds me of what i did for my final piece, i let a rose wilt and die throughout the course of my college exhibition. how did you create these pictures? photoshop, scanning? i love when people can't quite figure out the techniques you have used throughout your work. it makes it so much more mysterious.

    your shoes are amazing, talk about fate! i can't wait to see your next outfit post!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  3. those shoes are adorable, fab find!


  4. The art coursework is beautiful and now I know the thoughts behind them, even more so!
    Lovely shoes; it is always fantastic when you get an item you have lusted after for such a long time.
    UO x

  5. I like that idea with the dark twist. and by the way love the shoes.

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  6. I love theese shoes. They are soo amazing. I love their colour and everything! I like your blog so much :)

  7. Such pretty shoes. Gorgeous.

    I really like the look of your project. That little quote is really inspiring in a way.

  8. awesome, and very pretty shoes, I'm in love with the color ^^

  9. Those shoes are so pretty! xo