Watching through my own lights as it tints the shade of you

"And so I'm reaching out for the one. And so I've learned the meaning of the sun" ... Today's anthem: "Sleep" by Azure Ray.

The sky has never looked more beautiful today, I think there's something in the atmosphere. Wouldn't you just love to float away? Disappear into the sunset, your image drowning in a pool of light, you could just drift away... escape.

Violent waves tamed by light, sheltered under soothing heights.
Won't someone sing with me tonight, before I'm lost to blinding sights.
A heart so empty can only become whole, when filled with light it ignites the soul.
A sea so shallow was once so brave, before darkness fell and it lost it's way.
If I were a feather I'd float on the breeze, trailing through infinately.
Hear the light and see the sound, there's magic lying all around.