Birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone

Today's Anthem - "Eyes" by Rogue Wave ...Below is a photoshop I did agesss ago but I still rather like it :)
Without a doubt that's the best photo I've ever taken of my eye - ofcourse I had purple splotches clouding my vision for a while after because of the little light that goes off (not the flash, I've done that before and it's really painful) but it was worth it, haha.

I'm sorry I've been so slack on blogging lately - I'll be replying to comments as soon as possible - promise! I've been pretty ill this week, so unless you want to hear me tweet about how many times I've sneezed then it's really not worth posting about. So instead I'll leave you with these pics of my crafts tin - isn't it adorable?! I got it from Paperchase a few months ago and simply had to share it with you lovely people :)

I also have to mention these darling shoes which I have fallen absolutely, head-over-heels in love with! Jeffrey Campbell RAID Wedge @ revolveclothing.com
They're one of Jeffrey Campell's remakes of the famous Acne Atacomas. I realllly want to buy them but they've sold out in my size :( so this epic shoe romance may never be ignited, boo hoo.

TTFN m'dears!
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  1. I definitely spend too much money in Paperchase, it's obscene!! Love the tin (:


  2. Yea I aaaalmost like that Mary Jane version of the shoe as much as the original! Go JC for changing it up.

    xx Cristina

  3. O u O That first picture is dreadfully gorgeous...!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  4. Cool photoshopping, very trippy.

    I'm glad you found my post inspirational, that is what I was hoping.

  5. Augh, that tin is too perfect for putting spools of thread, random buttons and scraps of fabric in!

    I really love the title of your post. It is my favorite line from that song. :)

    B from A plus B

  6. jeffrey campbell! <3 they're clogs are amazing, i still need a pair :(