Life is a maze and love is a riddle

The lovely Abigail and I went to a vintage fair today at a place called 'Spanky Van Dykes'
It was packed to the roof; with stylish students hectically thrifting their way around from stall to stall, silk scarfs bursting out of wicker hampers and wrapped around floral lampshades, vintage purses and belts piled triumphantly on top of a brown leather sofa, fairy lights draped across the walls above endless rails of vintage clothes (accompanied by that vintage smell ;)

I bought a vintage brooch, and an adorable little necklace shaped like an envelope - with a little brass letter inside reading 'I love you'. I'd seen necklaces like that before selling for about £15, however my dears I managed to blag this little beauty for £8 - bargain!

Afterwards we spent like 3hours in Cafe Nero... as this shot was taken we both shouted 'Naa Na Nieeyy!' and burst into a fit of giggles, purely because it was just 'one of those moments' tehe. << I simply had to share that with you :')

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!
x x x


  1. i love vintage fairs,
    last time i went to one i got the very original grease soundtrack :)

  2. that vintage fair looked like it had amazing things! and the picture of you two is just too cute. you seemed to have been having a grand time- I love pictures like that.

  3. ohh, it seems like you had a wonderful time. i adore your necklace, it's so pretty! my friend has a similar one :) i just love the photograph of you and your friend, it's lovely.

    i hope you have recieved your present, or will recieve it in the next few days! xxx

  4. wow that looks amazing! im jealous- i want to go to one! those brooches are amazing!!!
    x. lyssa