Don't take life too seriously, nobody get's out alive anyway

I finished my last exam today! I am freeeee as a bird! Until Tuesday... then a whole new set of horrors begin ;) Whoopdeedoo.

I've lost my camera (again), so I didn't actually wear this outfit today, but I had this to spare for such an ocassion (oh I'm so clever, haha I'm not, or I wouldn't have lost my camera in the first place...) Soo, in this outfit I'm wearing:
* Cream Chiffon Shirt - H&M, £20
* Navy Skirt - £10
* Skinny Brown Belt - Primark, £2
* THE shoes - thrifted, £7
* THE bag - vintage
* Silk Sailor Print Scarf - Acessorize, £15

Today's one of those days where you expect it to be bad, but you go along for the ride and somehow find that silver line.

My Little List Of Bad Things
1) My umbrella handle falling off, just as the clouds started to cry.
2) Hearing that the moon ISN'T in fact made of cheese. :O
3) Paul reminding us that the world's gona end in 2012... it's really not - as my bro says "ROLL ON 2013!"
4) The length of my hair... it needs to grow faster or I'm chopping it off in a fit of fury! Ooh alliteration ;)
5) I've misplaced my baby (*referring to my camera) again... but it'll turn up, eventually.

My Little List Of Good Things
1) The fact my exam was about feminism and sabertooth tigers << which just happen to be my two specialist subjects, paha.
2) Listening to old songs I used to adore and still knowing the words.
3) Watching Big Brother (which I sortof hate) but the way they've decorated the house is amazing... a bit of an eye-sore, but still verrry cool.
4) Seeing grafiti on a building condemned for demolition, which read; "No matter how bad it seems right now, somebody somewhere cares" :')
5) It's not about being friends forever, but rather sharing these moments - because it's the memories that last forever... unless you get amnesia because your best friend drops a brick on your head - now that's not a moment, or a friend, you want to remember ;) tehehe.

x x x
(p.s. Jazzabelle - I have recieved your lovely present, thankyou soooo much! I shall post about it as soon as I find my camera. Promise ;)


  1. Loved the bag and the scarf :D
    Hope that you come check my blog...


  2. :) so happy that you finished your exams and i totally love the graffiti you quoted:
    "No matter how bad it seems right now, somebody somewhere cares"

    so good!
    love your blog!

  3. I'm so happy for you!
    My exams are starting next tuesday... yikes!
    And I adore your outfit:
    your shoes are amazing! I've been looking for a pair to buy since I saw some (too expensive) online, gah, they're amazing.

  4. thank god you recieved it! i was getting worried that it may have to lost in the post, aha. i really do hope you like it :)

    this is definately my favourite outfit of yours, you look so beautiful, very vintage :) it h&m blouse is so pretty, and i am still in love with the bag your grandma gave you!


  5. wow i love your what your wearing and that scarf is so adorable :D xx

  6. How kind... Thanks dear :D Law exams are so exhaustive :|
    I really love that scarf, goood :D


  7. Thank you so much. I really love your Look and Blogdesign! Greetings, Luci :-*