Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide

“I’m a victim, of this day and age, I’ve forgotten how to feel, I’ve forgotten how to change...”
Today's anthem - 'Choices' by The Hoosiers.

I had a little photoshoot with Abi yesterday and I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you...

I wish I knew how to make my pictures bigger on here... do I have to change the layout perhaps?

Ahh well m'dears, hope you're all having a nice weekend!

x x x


  1. Those are really really beautiful, keep photographing.

  2. The second picture is so cute.

  3. These pictures are so cool and pretty, and for bigger pictures just upload them on tinypic.com! :)

  4. Words from the wise - how to make pictures bigger


    I've not used it myself but I have on good authority that it works!

    Thanks for the lovely comments mrs, we can both be poor together eh :) Beautiful images, you pretty little thing!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. Wauw beautiful photos!
    and omg! that's so awesome that you just found them Ö

    Siel x