Return to the Medieval Fair

First off, I must apologise for the length of this blog post. I know long blocks of text put some people off, but this post is mostly pictures so it's worth a look all the same - hope you enjoy!

Today I actually made the effort to drag my lazy self out of bed to go skating on a Saturday. It's so out of the blue it's slightly unsettling. Although before Christmas I used to go skating every Saturday for the past two years. That's commitment for you! Anywhooo... after skating me and my friends went to our fave Thai restaurant for lunch.

This beautifully-crafted vegetable flower was carved out of a Swede! The first time I went to that restaurant I thought it was made of mango and tried to take a bite out of it... if you've ever tasted Swede, thinking it was mango you would share my disappointment.

Then we went to the medieval-themed craft fair that was still happening in town square. I dragged mt friends down to the Pure Indulgence cupcakes stand (which I mentioned in a previous post...) and we bought a little box, including; mint chocolate, passion fruit and white chocolate, black forest gateau, and lemon meringue. Oh we're such naughty things ;)

I had a proper look at the other stalls this time and saw some pretty cool and kitsch stuff...

Fair trade owl backpacks. Aren't they sweet? A quirky fashion statement, but who am I to talk! I wanted a metallic dinosaur bag not so long back...

These hairpins (above) were made in Thailand. They were just too cute not to buy one, so I loosened the purse strings and dashed my cash (what am I talking about?!) basically they were a little more than I'd like to spend on hairpins, or food... but I couldn't resist.

We thought these models were adorable and really well crafted. If you fancy taking a look at their other items, then you can visit them at www.tincanmodels.com

A hanging basket shaped like a pig, awww.

After that we were quite hot and wanted to sit down indoors, so we headed over to Starbucks. However, we were too lazy to walk all the way around the fountain, so we ran though it instead. Definately NOT a clever idea if you're wearing plimpsoles. Haha. I had to leave them to dry in the window...

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