Purely Indulgent

With my photography deadline looming it's ugly head (tomorrow, eeeeek!) I had to go into town to get my last minute final prints sorted - and I ended up spending more money on printing photos than on my trip to London next week!
And the spending spree didn't stop there... we found some sort of medieval market going on in the square. And in the midst of Eco-friendly clothing, ornate jewellery, fruity jams in glass jars, wiry statuettes, and all the Victorian-dressed towns folk frolicking around, we found fairy cakes! You can tell my heritage is wasted on me.... but look how pretty!

They're by a company called 'Pure Indulgence', a tad pricey if you're a sugar-craving teen like moi, but if you've got an event coming up they'd be.... well, the icing on the cake ;) www.pureindulgencecakes.co.uk/
Geez, with a giant cookie the other day and now onto glittering fairy cake bliss, I'll be signing on for dentures in no time!

My song for the day is "You and I Collide" by Howie Day. I'm not in a mellow mood or anything, it's simply beautiful t'is all. Also, listen to "Pull Shapes" by the Pippettes it's more upbeat, retro-pop ;)
Hope you're all having a lovely week!

p.s. To my darling art buddies Rosanna and Grace - I miss you already! And my dear drama buddies - it feels like an end of an era :( Mr Betterton would not approve!

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