Millie's and Mannequins

Shannon and myself went to town this afternoon to get a Millie's celebration cookie. We're celebrating because it's our drama exam tomorrow - which means the final performance of our play, and the end of yr 12 drama, wehey! So what better way to mark this mementos occasion than with a gorgeously decadent, excessively overpriced *cough,cough* slice of cookie heaven?

It's meant to say 'Playhouse Creatures 2010', though from this angle it looks like 'Playboose Crackures 200", but for something that tastes so good, appearance isn't really an issue.

Whilst waiting for our cookie to be made we popped into Topshop. I found a gold display mannequin that was my exact height and size - which I felt ever so slightly tempted to wander off with... not that I would.... but it would've been pretty funny to watch back on CCTV; I'd simply disguise it with my coat, an over-sized hat, and maybe a moustache (classic for mysterious get away scenes) and they would have been none the wiser... until the alarm went off and the swat teams came out - ascending from the ceiling at all angles, dressed in black with tazers etc O_o

I ended up buying a pair of blue harem shorts. Excuse the picture quality (and my vacant expression :S haha) but you know how hard it is taking a blurry changing room photo. I love the lighting in their changing rooms though - my hair almost looks red :D tehehe.

I was given a free canvas shopper too, which I'm pretty excited about - mostly cuz it was free, although I felt a bit like a walking advertisement.

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