Abracadabra! Wow.

First off, song for the day: "Get busy Living or Get busy Dying" by Fall Out Boy.
Little more dramatic than the usual, but I liked the lyrics...
"Talking's just a waste of breath. And living's just a waste of death. And why put a new address on the same old lonliness."

I'd noticed that quite a few people were doing their own versions of 'Cassie's Therapy Video' . For any of you who don't know, Cassie's a character from the original cast of 'Skins' . I believe the chain began at 'The Little Blog of Happiness' << click for more deatils :)
Anyway I thought I'd give it a try myself... If you fancy it too then copy the words below that are in bold and make your own post :)
Here goes nothing, or perhaps, something...

I like boys with sweeping fringes. I like girls with fairy-like charm and floaty dresses.
I like wearing pearls, they make me feel fancy.

I like exploring.
I like taking photos.
I like finding beauty in things that others rarely notice.
I like reflections, just not my own.
I like snowdrops on spiders’ webs - laced around old black fences.
I like watching movies.
I like spending time on my own, but I don’t like being alone.
I like strangers and the strange things they say.
I like doing nothing for hours so it becomes something.
I like facing my fears.
I love it when it feels like you’re alive.
Today, I don’t want to waste another day being afraid. I wish to be brave. If I close my eyes tight enough, hold my breath long enough, wish, wish hard enough, then maybe, just maybe, I'll open my eyes again, and feel... different.

In some ways, I love everything. It’s less, it’s less of a thing to like, it’s less distinct, it’s less particular. I like things that I like, but I love everything. There’s more choice in like, cos even the worst things have things you love in them. I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.

I hate wearing my glasses.
I hate awkward conversations and talking on the phone.
I hate the taps in public toilets.
I hate lip gloss... it tastes strange.
I hate that feeling of vulnerability, when you know you’ve let them too close.
I hate salt and vinegar crisps but in a way I love salt and vinegar crisps because I can smell them before even opening the packet.
I hate fake tan.
I hate being hated, but it’s better than being loved for something you’re not.
I hate this, wow. . . Sorry.

You're also supposed to tag three other lovely people to do it too, so I'm gona tag....
Jazzabelle, Olivia and Shannon.

x x x


  1. thanks for tagging me, lovely! i shall defiately do something similar soon :)

    gosh, we are so alike, i love and hate practically all the things you do!

    love, jazzabelle. x

  2. Great post, and love your blog :)
    Cassie is beautifuul x