Darling, I don't know how to tell you this but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom

I thought I'd enrich you guys with some culture (though if you've been on Google at all today you may have noticed anyway, but... it's Tchaikovsky's birthday! And who is this person I hear you ask? Well my friends, he is a Russian composer, or was actually, he's dead now... but even ghosties should have birthdays, especially the famous ones ;)

I had my art exam today. Now it seems like the end of an era because me and my friends will most likely get split up next term. Boo hoo. But on the plus side we get a whole month without having to think about art! Whoopdedoo. No sarcasm intended. Especially after only getting five hours sleep last night, or should I say this morning?? As I was up until 2:30am finishing (or rather starting) my final piece. Which tbh should have been done ages ago, but I feel my most motivated when I leave things to the last minute, that's actually how some of my best work's produced. My teachers hate this, my friends think its funny, whereas I think it's ... pleh. That's right folks, the girl who incessantly uses long words to make herself seem more intelligent is lost for words. Trust me, this is very rare. I'll blame it on sleep deprivation.

This is what I did for my exam. Acrylic on calico canvas. The theme was chinese new year.

'Us' by Regina Spektor is a sweet song. Youtube it if you fancy, or not, I won't force you. All be it well-timed, but the only reason I thought of this is because it's on the titles of (500) days of Summer, which I'm currently watching. I've loved it since I first saw it and the adornment hasn't worn off since. Hence the title of my blog post, which has instantly become one of my favourite movie quotes.

It's funny to watch the extras in movies. The people in the background who's names never appear in the credits. When I was younger I wanted to be an extra in Harry Potter. I'd go for a wander round Hogwarts, master a few spells and count how many mice were hiding in Hagrid's beard. But then again I was young, and my ideal career would change every day. From space cadet to zoologist, journalist to busker... I'm sure somwhere along the way I planned to be queen, though that was decided when I was about seven and I was already busy enough ruling over my imaginary kingdom of teddies and teacups. I wouldn't have had the time, let alone the patience to safegaurd England alongside safegaurding my teddies from my baby brother.

Well, that's enough rambling from me, maybe tomorrow I'll do a fashion-orientated post, but we'll see. 'Til then my darling readers, I bid thee farwell... Oooh I'm so posh.

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