I can see your eyes turn blue, I can see the weather change in you

Blog title: 'Cold Summer' by Seabear - really loving this song atm.

Not sure if I really like this picture, but I wanted to do a 'What I'm Wearing' post, and for that to be done I needed a photo. So here goes....
* Denium shirt - New Look, £20
* Hareem shorts - Topshop, £30
* Vest - Peacocks, £1.50
* Grey socks - Primark, £2
* Plimpsoles - New Look, £5,
* Shopper bag - Topshop (obviously) free!

Tbh. this look was inspired by yesterday's episode of 'Fock Me' on T4. Everyone seemed to be wearing a lot blue - afterall the episode's theme was 'the Americana look'. Which means a lot of; high waisters, double and triple denium, (classic hi-top) trainers, Grease inspired, varsity jackets, stars and stripes, over-the-knee socks teamed with short shorts, baseball caps... all swamped in a pallet of red, white & blue.
I absolutely can't wait for next weeks episode! Romantic look + Nottingham + Ellie Goulding = perfection.

So it's the begining of study leave and well.... I get easily distracted. Who studies during study leave anyway? ......ermmm, EVERYONE!
Ah well, I guess I'll be the hopeless exception then.... although, I only have one exam and it's not til next month. So one day off doesn't realllly make a difference. Riiiight?
Yh, I knew you'd agree :D tehe.

I went for a walk and took some photos. In a cunning attempt to make the weather look warmer than it is, I put my 80's sunnies infront of the lens as I was taking the photos to give them 'a warm summer glow'.

These would look great as polaroids. I really want a polaroid camera, I saw one for £200 not so long back, but I'm useless wih saving up... I fall in love with clothes too easily and spend all my money on them instead (that and fabric for my own designs, which I rarely get round to finishing... oh and millie's cookies!) - proof that money can buy love. Expensive love mind you ;)

I'm really looking forward to going to London this Friday! I'll explain more later, but the words; Fashion, Show, Grace, Kelly, 'Oh-Em-Geee', simply make me want to explode with excitement! Hope you're all having a lovely Monday! :) xox


  1. Thanks for your comment; it was a lovely optimistic view about the subject, perhaps one more should adopt!
    Wow, I absolutely love that dandelion picture, it is fabulous - what a great idea with the sunglass thing, may try that myself sometime and link to your blog!
    Following :)
    UO x

  2. Wow I absolutely adore your style.
    The whole what your wearing looks so great.
    like not joking
    I cant stress it enough very very cool!


  3. hello, thanks for your comment! ohh, what showing are you going to? i'm going to the 8o'clock one.

    it would be great to see you too! i'm probably going to get there for about 6:30 though. you are so going to love the grace kelly exhibition, i've been twice already, i'll probably pop in again tomorrow :)

    you look lovely in the first picture, i wish i looked good in double denim! ohh, i just love the sunglasses trick, i haven't done it in ages ago, thanks for reminding me!

    love, jazzabelle xxx

  4. LOVE frock me, partly because alexa and henry holland present it but still, it's pretty amazing, much better than gok's fashion fix i must say. loving all the varsity jackets, cropped tops, knee high socks, etc. def can't wait for the romantic ep probably becuase my style is very feminine i'd say.
    i have that topshop make up bag too! hooray for free tote bags :) holds my a3 art book ;)