The world's so much better when you don't fit

I went to the garden centre with my darling grandmother this afternoon - she was on a hunt for plant pots. I however got distracted by some rather groovy cacti' ....

My song for the day - "Ladder in my Tights" by Amy Studt. I used to love her music; it's so down-to-earth and pleasantly aggressive. Her lyrics make me smile because I can relate, but not to the extreme of wanting to blow up houses, though that does sound fun... just kidding. Mwahaha. n_n
The song's mostly about not fitting in, which is something that a lot of people experience, and undoubtedly so do my darling cacti' - they look different and are therefore easily dismissed, but the fact they're unusual makes them all the more beautiful. What do you think true beauty means? Feel free to leave a comment and discuss :)

On to other unusual and beautiful things...

My new necklace that I am absolutely in love with! It's from Dorothy Perkins - I also saw a silver 'Happily Ever After' necklace in the same style from Topshop a while ago (which was nearly twice as expensive!)

I went on a hunt for cameo jewellery today; after the disappointment of missing out on the most gorgeous belt in the universe - it was on sale for £45! Ridiculous right?! But it was by a designer called Galliano and it was electric pink with a chunky cameo at the front. My mum gasped at the price and demanded I make my own instead... and so I shall.
I bought a few more similar cameo's in different colours as they were only £1 from this vintage jewellery shop near my Gran's house. I'll probably turn them into brooches or an eclectic necklace (with ribbons, pearls and other sparkly things..) tehe.

x x x

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  1. I love cameo necklaces they are so gorgeous and special,i just bought one the other day from asos.