Through a stranger's eyes I'm everything but myself

I've got Paramore's "Turn it off" running through my head at the moment;
"I'm watching everyone I looked up to break and bending, it's getting harder to believe in anything than just to get lost in all my selfish thoughts..."
Gotta love Paramore - I have their RIOT poster on my bedroom door. It's upside down... the poster, not the door. It fell off a while ago and my mum put it back up the wrong way. At first I couldn't be bothered to fix it, but then I decided I actually prefer it that way :')
Just thought I'd share that little fact with you.

Anywayz, I went for a rumble through my grandparent's wardrobe yesterday. It's the best place to find vintage things really, and guess what?? No price tags! Wehey!
I'm practically broke right now, but I'm a shopping addict and I've got a week of spending (money I don't have) up ahead.
Eeeeeeep, I wonder if there's such a thing as shopaholics anonymous? Apparently there's a hot line for people who are addicted to jaffa cakes, not sure if it's true or not, but I think that's pretty awesome if it is ;)

Here's what I wore / unearthed from the closet...

My gran let me keep the bag! Awww she's adorable. I keep showing my friends pictures of her, she's got that 'regally photogenic' thing going on, haha. Yeah, I love my gran.
You know who else I love? You guys! Thanks so much for following - your comments make my day :')
T.T.F.N you beautiful people!
x x x


  1. oh my god, the bag is so beautiful! and the cardigan. and the hat. and of course you! your whole outfit looks lovely. xxx

  2. Thank you so much for visiting/following my blog. Oooh I am so envious of your grandmother's closet! I can't say I have anything similar, since my grandmother is on the other side of the planet hahahah. I love going through people's old belongings, you find so much interesting stuff! That bag and the hat are perfectly scrumptious! Love love love it all!

  3. oh wow! Loooove your blog sorry so late to reply but I have the usual cannon camera but its the lens i got that made the out of focus background its called a 50ml lens and then you just use manual focus to make it like that! thanks

  4. I love the cardigan. I saw an old lady wearing the most adorable cardigan today and I was thinking.. I would love to look through her wardrobe.

  5. Cute bag!
    Thanks for visiting! I hope u'll be one of my followers ;)


  6. That jumper/cardigan is amazing !! Love love love it! You look so cool in this with the briefcase and the headband and everything! x