Trying to stimulate a mind that is slowly starting to decay

I had my photography deadline today, so I thought I'd show you some of my best pics, oh you lucky things! The topic was on reflections and my primary focus was shooting mannequins in shop windows.

I am absolutely gutted because my camera got trodden on the other day and now the screen's cracked and insurance won't cover it! :( And though my mother is having what Miss Georgia Nicholson would call a 'nervy b' - I simply shrug my shoulders and say "Oh what a pity...."
My camera is infact my pride and joy, yet I have an unusual habbit of drastically underreacting to such a tragic demise. What's wrong with me?! Woooow, you don't wana go down that route, we'll be here for hours...

Feel free to leave a comment, they're muchly appreciated. Ta-ta dearies! x

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