Stars shining throughout the day ★

Today I am loving Diana Vickers new song 'Notice' - I was watching her perform on the hollyoaks music show on t4 and was surprised to see that she was actually wearing shoes whilst performing, which was a rare thing to be seen on her back when she was on the x-factor ;)

Anywhoo, I had a truely amazing day yesterday! I went down to London with some friends to see a fashion show by the exceedingly talented Osman Yousefzada - which I heard about via the lovely Jazzabelle @ Jazzabelle's Diary.

(Sorry about the picture quality but here's) What I wore....

* Lace Dress - Dorothy Perkins, £25
* Blazer - 2nd hand
* Hat - Vintage (from my granny's cupboard)
* Belt - New Look, £5
* Shoes - thrifted, £7

The show was being held at London's famous Victoria & Albert Museum.

It was utterly stunning and we were lucky enough to get front row seats!
There were two dancers at the beginning of the show who were displaying the way Osman's clothes move on human form. The male dancer leapt around like a deer, whereas the girl twirled around as if caught in a whirlpool of silky blue chiffon. It was breathtaking! What I was most fascinated by was the shoes - the structure and embellishment were so inspired.

However, not very conventional for a trip to the supermarket... every time a model stumbled I held my breath. The models were all so well focused, yet you could see that glimmer of disappointment in their eyes when they wobbled. It must be absolutely terrifying being a catwalk model; having everyone staring at you with adoration and at the same time sheer jealously - sat with baited breath waiting for you to fall.

It was great to see Osman at the end of the show. He seemed so modest but the little smile on his face shone brighter than all the catwalk lights - you could tell he was thrilled with the outcome. Plus, I loved him all the more because of his fluorescent pink socks - which were pulled triumphantly over his trousers.

Afterwards we sat in the beautiful garden, surrounded by a flurry of lemon trees and the glaring sunlight.

We then went to see the Grace Kelly exhibition which was so lovely; packed with an array of her most beautiful ensembles.

I particularly liked the orange (yes that's right, orange) dress with lavish crystal embellishment around the chest, and what appeared to be a chandelier headdress.
Grace Kelly was commonly seen with a pair of white gloves as part of her daytime charm. And I debated for ages over whether I should buy a GK' inspired pair from the gift shop. In the end my friends talked me out of it, tbh they were a tad pricey for me, so I might have to hunt down a vintage pair instead.

We also had a look around the fashion zone which surrounded the exhibition. They had one of Alexander McQueen's dresses from his final collection.

I spotted it from a distance and actually ran over squealing in disbelief! Just a sheet of glass separating me and an original McQueen! Oh Mr.McQueen, a shining star of fashion, cut down in his prime. R.I.P.

Here's some more pics I took in the surrounding gallery...

You comments are like little drops of sunlight peering through a clouded sky :)
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  1. thanks for your comment on my blog, always love reading them, essays especially!
    those dresses look fab, so jealous of your being 5cm away from a mcqueen! that was his best collection ever, those armadillos are unbeatable <3
    really love your dress and those shoes in your outfit!

  2. thanks for your comment! ohh yes, it's a shame we didn't cross paths. but then again, i did look rather trampy yesterday, i changed out of my double denim outfit (thank-you for inspiring me!) but i just ended up looking a little worse for wear, hehe. well there is always next time :)

    the catwalk show was brilliant, i was in the second row, weren't the dancers just amazing?! i saw the male dancer outside the museum, i really should of went up to him to tell him how wonderful i thought he was. he looked like a lovely and humble person, though.

    i'm happy you are a wonderful time today, you look lovely in the first photograph! i adore your shoes, by the way.

    love, jazzabelle. x

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  4. I truely need to see this Grace Kelly exhibition - it is slightly ridiculous that I haven't already!
    Thank for your contribution to the discussion!
    UO x